I wanna learn is all about you and your journey with Mathematics. Here, we have thoughtfully created this world of learning where you can learn Math one tiny skill at a time, at your own pace and time. Grab a notebook and a pencil, spend some time here, be consistent and we guarantee you will not only ace school exams but also fall in love with Math!

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I wanna learn is powered by Altius Foundation, a non-profit organization, that is passionate about education and seeks to transform learning.We have created using open source content and created in-house content that we are making open source. All the content here can be downloaded, distributed, and used for noncommercial purposes without alteration under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial – NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND).

About Us

Our story and philosophy is guided by free thinkers like Sri Aurobindo and J.Krishnamurti. Education scientists such as Dr.Sugata Mitra and Sir Ken Robinson have been an inspiration for us in designing and creating I wanna learn.

Empowering learners with the learning tools and belief in their abilities are the core thoughts that drive I wanna learn.

How It Works?

It is our vision to provide free access to quality learning to every learner irrespective of their location or demographic.

To make this possible, we have online and offline versions of I wanna learn.

I wanna learn Dairies

October 2011 Our first Math Lab .

Prof Sugata Mitra propounded in his famous “Hole in the Wall experiment” that in a technology-enabled environment, children automatically learn things that they haven't ever been taught. We were greatly inspired by this and wanted to apply this theory to set up an environment in Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya where Math Learning would be enabled. We were very particular that this environment should be the primary source of learning , replacing traditional blackboard teaching. The school was very supportive in giving us the freedom to go ahead and so we set up our first ever Math Lab . We named it Karka Math Lab drawing inspiration from Thirukkural. We were excited and the children were even more excited as the Lab became the place for their learning Math at their own pace and time. We put in place several processes for the conduct of the Lab which made student agency and engagement very high. Siz months after operating the new lab, we got our vindication with the student’s performance in Maths dramatically improving. We knew we had achieved something very significant that had an immense potential to scale


June 2011 – The place where it all began

Can children learn Math on their own by using technology? Khan Academy and Sal Khan certainly seemed to think so. We decided to try it as an experiment and Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya, a government-aided school in Mylapore run by our friend Mr. Gopalan was willing to let us try. For a month we worked with three 6th grade children in the school who volunteered for the trial. Each of the three had very different levels of ability as far as Maths was concerned. To our surprise, what we found was that all three improved in relation to their respective abilities. The Child who was extremely weak in the subject showed extreme commitment and engagement to learning in spite of his difficulty. The child who found Maths a breeze could easily learn topics that had not been taught in class . We knew we were onto something exciting. The next step would be to see how we can introduce this to the children.


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We try to measure every tangible impact I wanna learn has on both the learner as well as the learning environment. This section reflects our impact so far, based on the data we have chosen to capture.


I wanna learn has been designed to facilitate self paced learning for every kind of learner. To this end, we have provided content for almost all Indian Boards in English and we are working towards providing vernacular content.

The platform has been designed in a manner that encourages learning and not  test the learners ability.  I wanna learn is designed and developed through the eyes of the learner, making it a learner centric platform.

Our Contributors

I wanna learn roots go back to 2011 when we began our journey to discover tech based and self paced learning solutions. The quest started with one school in Mylapore and led to the birth of Karka Math Labs which were set up in thirty schools across Tamil Nadu over the nine years.

Needless to say, this journey would not have been possible but for our inspirations and huge support and collaborations along the way.

Khan Academy and Sal Khan for being huge inspiration for our mission and the support in the form of amazing content that is largely responsible for the learning spine of I wanna learn holding strong.

Prof Sugata Mitra and his TED Talk that inspired us to set up our version of a SOLE (Self organised learning environments) in the form of  Math Labs where learning can happen!

Bhoomika Trust, who have been a constant source of support to set up labs in Government schools and run them sustainably.

Palayam Foundation, USA for the generous grants that have funded the development cost of the platform and for supporting running of  Math Lab environments.

Urjita, who have been an amazing source of strength for us to expand the Math labs across schools and to give us the confidence to dream big.

Vetrivel Foundation for providing the vernacular content in Tamil of Khan Academy videos.

Dozens of Volunteers and Interns who have worked on developing and testing the content.

Mr Gopalan, the administrator of Sri Karpagavalli Vidyalaya, Mylapore, who believed in us and let us set up and run our first  Math Lab.

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We are all born with extraordinary powers of imagination, intelligence, feeling, intuition, spirituality, and of physical and sensory awareness

-Sir Ken Robinson

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I wanna learn, powered by Altius Foundation, is created to provide good quality online learning resources for every kind of learner.  I wanna learn, is a movement and we believe that wider participation is crucial for the movement to expand both in quality and quantity of content and also to reach to more learners. The current content has be put together by contributors along with a small core team at our end, We are looking for people who believe in the ideology of providing quality content to learners.
Here are a few ways you can contribute to I wanna learn:

1. Review the current content.
2. We are looking at expanding the current topic – Math – to higher classes.
3. Add new topics – like Science, English, Social and expand the offering
4. Take up translation of the platform in to other languages.
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